Olga Gilbert nojaa vehreässä ympäristössä sillankaiteeseen ja hymyilee avoimesti ja kuuntelevasti

Olga Gilbert

Parliamentary elections 2023 – Let’s do this together!

Candidate #200 in the Uusimaa constituency 

Welcome to my homepage! I’m a specialised GP, mother in a multicultural hybrid family and reserve chairperson of Vantaa and Kerava’s wellbeing services region.

I’m a calm and conscientious enquirer. Generally, I form my opinions carefully but when necessary I can also reach quick decisions. As a child I was shy, and didn’t often dare to express my opinions openly. But little by little I’ve developed the courage to act on my strong sense of justice.

I also know my responsibilities when it comes to taking care of shared duties. I got involved in politics because I want to improve the health and well-being of people in Finland, as well as to help ensure that the planet will be able to sustain and nourish future generations. Equality and sustainability are the values that guide me as a politician. I do what I can to ensure that questions of health and well-being are taken into account in all decision making. This decision making should be based on factual research.

1.1.2023 saw the introduction of the new wellbeing services regions for all social services, as well as health and emergency services. We still have a lot of work to do in order to achieve the goals of this reform. I was chosen for the County Board Of Vantaa- Kerava’s Wellbeing Services County region by over a thousand voters. Indeed I have been able to influence the initiation of this new system from the prime position of reserve chairperson of Vantaa and Kerava’s Wellbeing Services County.

The Wellbeing Services Countys’ journey has just begun, and it is clear that there will be much to develop in the coming years. In addition, the relationship between the state, these regions and the municipalities is finding its feet. The main source of funding for the time being is coming directly from the state and although the wellbeing services regions are self-governed, we need to increase the guidance from the national government in how to use resources fairly.

I am standing in the 2023 parliamentary elections. We need more healthcare professionals in parliament to continue the work that has been started with the health and social services reform. The vast majority of decisions that affect health and wellbeing are made outside of the health and social services and I want to offer my professional knowledge and experience here too. In order to meaningfully reduce inequality in health and wellbeing in the population we need to break the cycle of alienation and social stratification. Every child, young person and adult needs a safe home and environment to live in. We need to embrace the feeling of belonging together and make sure that every young person can find the studies and work that they need. We must ensure that our society supports good mental health and that everybody is treated fairly and equally. At the same time, we should remember that protecting the natural world, safeguarding biodiversity and combating climate change are the foundations of our wellbeing, and can help us find a sustainable way to live together not just in Finland, but also on our whole planet.

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